The Cell Phone Junkie Show #347

20 01 2013


O2 will skip the charger when they sell you a phone, more details leak out on the BlackBerry Z10 and Facebook announces free calling through their messenger app.

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2 responses

23 01 2013
Greg Richardson

In show #347 at the top of the show you talked about AT&T allowing facetime on HSPA+ enabled phones. The only HSPA+ iPhone is the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is only HSDPA cat 14 and the iPhone 4 is only HSDPA cat 7. So what you said is true, AT&T is still limiting to the iPhone 5. One more note. The iPhone 4 (even unlocked) does not allow facetime over anything but WIFI. This is an Apple limitation, not AT&T.

23 01 2013
Mickey Papillon

Great, thanks for the clarification Greg.

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