The Cell Phone Junkie Show #359

21 04 2013


Google says they’re working on “phones-plus, Dish network makes an offer for Sprint and Samsung will have the Galaxy S4 out by the end of April.

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22 04 2013
Allen E. Dewberry Jr.

Hey this is Allen, Just commenting about the ‘issue’ of SD cards and storage in the newer versions of Android. Actually the SD card rules changed a great deal really since Android 3.0. While you guys are correct most games and applications do install on internal storage, the problem is the ability to move applications and the actual picking of storage locations doesn’t quite work like it use to anymore. Most of the problem comes from back when Honeycomb was launched Google changed out SD storage functions in android.

Generally if your just installing games it will default to the internal storage unless the developer lets the user pick a storage location. Outside of the Nexus line, at that time not all OEMs created equal partitions for there phones. Even with 16GB of storage, you realistically maybe got around 6 to 8GB of usable storage for saving data too, and only 2GB of actually application storage. While for some users this isn’t a problem, but honestly its tiny if you install more than say two or three newer games like Need for Speed or the Real Racing 3. And not all storage mediums were created equal either because of this. HTC, Samsung and LG from what ive seen and talked with people had these problems for ‘external’ storage.

As usual the OEMs do not say anything about this so it leads to problems. Generally now the only thing the SD card can do from ICS 4.0+ is mostly save pictures, music and videos to. It generally does not work with the general file management system.

Honestly if any user is getting a newer phone today, if its possible, go for the 32GB version is my general recommendation. HTC and Samsung recently have seemed to fix this issue but honestly its annoying seeing the out of storage issue even when you have a 32GB card and 16GB internal storage because OEMs can’t partition things properly. But thanks for the great podcast and keep up the good work.

Allen D.

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