The Cell Phone Junkie Show #390

24 11 2013



The FCC mulls inflight cell phone calling, Sprint to provide a free year of service to students, and Apple starts offering the unlocked iPhone 5S.

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One response

28 11 2013
Vincent Lyons

Hey guys,
Just listened to the most recent podcast with you describing the slow down data speeds on Verizon. I experienced same issue, I have been with both Verizon & T-Mobile for years. My speeds on Verizon dropped from 25mb down & 5mb up to under 5mb down, that’s right 5mb, and under 2mb up. That is pathetic. I had the Grandfathered unlimited data plan but still dropped them. My T-Mobile account had always given me very fast HSPA+ data speeds, 15mb down and 7mb up. My area has also been refarmed with the 1900 radio frequency and LTE Advanced. My T-Mobile HSPA+ speeds are still over 15mb down and my LTE speeds have gone from 20mb down and 15mb up to 35+mb down and 15+mb up. I have never been happier with any Carrier and I’ve been with them all. I have the iPhone 5S with 64gb internal storage in white and silver. Great phone. Have always been a long time Android Hacker and by listening to your show I just had to see what IOS was all about. Let me say one thing about the iPhone, just dying for the jailbreak to happen. Bought the Note 3, what a freaken beast. I love it, that S-Pen, that S-Pen did I mention that S-Pen. The Note 3 is the best Smartphone made, no other device compares.
My reason for this Email was to talk about Verizon and the bottle neck data problem, this has been a issue for over a year. My real unlimited plan from T-Mobile without any data throttling and added tethering costs me $80.00 a month. Their Speeds keep getting faster and their plans keep getting better. Thank You Guys for a great show,

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