The Cell Phone Junkie Show #397

12 01 2014



A deluge of new devices from the consumer electronics show, T-Mobile trying to shake up the US carrier market by paying your ETF, and AT&T would like companies to start “sponsoring” data.

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One response

13 01 2014

Just listened to the latest podcast, good stuff as usual. I want to talk about the new Sony Xperia 1S for T-Mobile. This is not the same device as the Xperia 1. The 1S for T-Mobile has all the great specs and camera as the other including waterproofing, The difference is T-Mobile’s version comes stock with 32gb of internal storage, there is no 16gb on this phone, also supports ext sd-card up to 64gb. There are added camera features in the software. They also changed the surrounding metal band to chrome plastic to increase signal. Many people in other countries were complaining of poor signal strength due to metal banding. This phone has fantastic signal strength. Changing the banding worked. This phone is a beast. Might have to add this to my collection. iPhone 5s with 64gb, Note 3 with galaxy gear, new ipad mini, I can go on, I’m just a tech nut.
Thanks guys,

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