The Cell Phone Junkie Show #436

12 10 2014


HTC announces a phone that prioritizes selfies, Google Voice now supports MMS, and the truth about data caps.

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One response

13 10 2014

Personally the bluetooth system in my Silverado works perfectly. I have numbers and names stored in my trucks computer memory. So when I answer a call or make a call I push a button on my steering wheel. When making a call I just push the button on my steering wheel then say the persons name I want to call. In my vehicle it works perfect everytime. It is way more accurate than any phone I have ever seen. You just need to remember they you are driving if you talk hands free. In other words pay attention to what your doing and do not forget that you have a responsibility on the road. So if you can not walk and chew gum at the Same time then you sound use a drive free app to keep your phone off when your driving.

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