The Cell Phone Junkie Show #483

13 09 2015


Apple announces new iPhones and iPads, T-Mobile touts Extended range LTE and a new Lifetime Coverage Guarantee, and Google takes Android Pay live.

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One response

14 09 2015

Hi guys, Thanks for bringing these great shows week after week!! Wanted to point out an error on your Podcast about the iPhone model numbers. Since the iPhone 6, the CDMA and GSM versions are the same models in the United States. The two different models are for International (mostly for China Mobile). All four models have both CDMA and GSM, it’s just the two international versions have a few bands different.

I know in the order process it does designate a difference. This is due to APN settings and having the proper SIM installed. Basically, if it is a CDMA phone, there is a ‘script’ that fires off at activation to configure the network settings. CDMA LTE needs that little extra. GSM is just good with the SIMs.

I know as I just moved my iPhone 6 from AT&T to Verizon.

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